Marzena Diakun

Opinions & Critics

  • One of the world’s best conductors of the young generation: Marzena Diakun.
    Elżbieta Krajewska, May 2015
  • Her musicality is exceptional and based upon solid scholarship paired with fine instinct. I would rate her at the very top five percentile of her profession.
    Richard Rosenberg
  • Marzena Diakun pays it justice, we hold our breath, and we test the acoustics of the newly renovated auditorium… A long applause from the audience, and from the orchestra for the young assistant director. Marzena Diakun: remember the name!
    Alain Cochard, November 2015
  • A superb interpretation, not attributed to the musical director ‘Mikko Franck’, not present for personal reasons, but due to his assistant director, the Polish conductor Marzena Diakun.
    Marc Vignal, November 2015
  • The wonder of performances awarded by public ovation.
    Le dauphine libere, 2016
  • A beautiful Polish woman, the hope of the world’s orchestral conducting.
    Polish Radio, Programm II, 2012
  • Her sophistication, intelligence and musicality present in all her performances, made her a winner.
    Gramophone, January 2013





30 IX 2017
Gdańsk, Poland

G. Bacewicz Overture for Orchestra
E. Grieg Piano Concerto a minor
N. Rimsky-Korsakov Szeherazade op. 35
Marcin Koziak - piano
Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra

08 X 2017
Wuppertal, Germany

L. van Beethoven 
Symphony Nr 1 C Major op. 21 - excerpts
Symphony Nr 5 C minor op. 67 - excerpts
Symphony Nr 6 F Major op. 68 - excerpts
Symphony Nr 7 A major op. 92 - excerpts
Symphony Nr 9 D minor op. 125 - excerpts
Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal

13 X 2017
Istanbul, Turkey

F. Chopin Piano Concerto F minor op. 21
M. Karlowicz "Rebirth" Symphony E minor op. 7
Istanbul Devlet Senfoni Orkestrasi


  • 10 I 2017

    During the award ceremony in Warsaw broadcasted by TVN television, Marzena Diakun got the prize "Paszport Polityki" in the category classical music.

  • 15 X 2016

    Marzena Diakun has been recently decorated with the medal of the Order of Cultural Merit by the President and the Minister of Culture of Poland.

Marzena Diakun

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